Predicting the Synthesizability of Double Perovskite Halides via Interface Reaction Pathfinding

Woongchan Kim, Hyeon Woo Kim, Han Uk Lee, Min Sung Kang, Dong Won Jeon, Soo Won Heo,

and Sung Beom Cho*

Chemistry of Materials

Publication Date : 2024.06.05


Sequential doping strategy in rutile TiO2 nanorod for high performance photoanode

Sang Yeon Lee, Young Jae Lee, Il-Han Yoo, Hyeon Woo Kim, Hyejeong Song,
Soo Won Heo, Shankara S. Kalanurf, Gourab Mohapatra, Rohma, Hyunseok Ko*, and Hyungtak Seo* 

Applied Surface Science   

Publication Date : 2024.01.09


Enhanced photoelectrochemical properties of ordered branched CdTe nanotubes arrays with near-ideal antireflection

Donghyun Kim, Dasol Jeong, Woohyeon Jo, Min-Kyu Son, Soo Won Heo, Wei Cheng, Jonathan Koonce, Syed Mubeen, Hyunjung Kim**, and Hyunsung Jung*

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 

Publication Date : 2023.10.20


Low‐Temperature Prepared ZnO Layer with Electron Beam Annealing Process for Enhancing the Environmental, Thermal, and Operational Stability of Organic Photovoltaics

In Pyo Park, Bu Kyeong Hwang, and Soo Won Heo*

Solar RRL 

Publication Date : 2023.04.25


Threshold voltage tuning of IGZTO thin-film transistors deposited by RF sputtering for highresolution flexible displays using deep ultraviolet light

In Pyo Park, Bu Kyeong Hwang, Bo Ram Lee, Pung Keun Song*, and
Soo Won Heo* 

Journal of Materials Chemistry C 

Publication Date : 2023.05.24


Optical Manipulation of Incident Light for Enhanced Photon Absorption in Ultrathin Organic Photovoltaics

Seungyeon Han, Hyunsung Jung, Hyeon Jin Jung, Bu Kyeong Hwang, In Pyo Park, Su Zi Kim, Dea-Hee Yun, Seog-Young Yoon*, and Soo Won Heo* 


Publication Date : 2022.11.13


Introducing a Quasirandom Pattern in OPVs for Balancing the Transverse Magnetic and Electric Modes of Incident Light

Jun Young Choi, In Pyo Park, and Soo Won Heo* 

ACS Applied Energy Materials 

Publication Date : 2021.12.10


Ultra-Flexible Organic Photovoltaics with LowTemperature Deposited IZTO on a Cyclic Polymer Substrate Having Excellent Mechanical Propertie

Jun Young Choi, In Pyo Park, and Soo Won Heo*

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 

Publication Date : 2021.10.25


Ultra-Flexible Organic Solar Cell Based on IndiumZinc-Tin Oxide Transparent Electrode for Power Source of Wearable Devices

Jun Young Choi, In Pyo Park, and Soo Won Heo*  


Publication Date : 2021.10.07


Size-Dependent Photovoltaic Performance of CdSe Supraquantum Dot/Polymer Hybrid Solar Cells: “Goldilocks Problem” Resolved by Tuning the Band Alignment Using Surface Ligands

Juwon Park, Ji Hwang Lee, Hyunmi Doh, Soo Won Heo, Kilwon Cho, Sungjee Kim*, Seungho Cho*, and Jiwon Bang* 

The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 

Publication Date : 2020.11.11