Synthesis of random copolymers based on 3- hexylthiophene and quinoxaline derivative: Influence between the intramolecular charge transfer (ICT) effect and pi-conjugation length for their photovoltaic properties

Jang Yong Lee, Min Hee Choi, Soo Won Heo, and Doo Kyung Moon 

Synthetic Metals 

Publication Date : 2010.10.18


Synthesis and Characterization of a FluoreneQuinoxaline Copolymer for Light-Emitting Applications

Kwan Wook Song, Jang Yong Lee, Soo Won Heo, and Doo Kyung Moon 

Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 

Publication Date : 2010.01.01


A study on the real-time decomposition monitoring of a metal organic precursor for metal organic chemical vapor deposition processes

Ju-Young Yun, Soo Won Heo, Sang-Woo Kang, Jeong-Gil Na,
Young-Jae Park, Yong-Hyeon Shin, Ji-Hoon Lee, Tae-Sung Kim, and Doo-Kyung Moon* 

Measurement Science and Technology 

Publication Date : 2009.12.17


Study on the wet processable antimony tin oxide (Transparent conducting oxide, tco) using anode for pled device instead of ito

Insung Song, Dongjoon Ma, Soo Won Heo, and Dookyung Moon

Digest of Technical Papers - SID International Symposium 

Publication Date : 2009.07.05


Synthesis and characterization of 2,1,3- benzothiadiazole-thieno[3,2-b]thiophene-based charge transferred-type polymers for photovoltaic application

Jang Yong Lee, Soo Won Heo, Heelack Choi, Yoon Jung Kwon, Jung Rim Haw, and Doo Kyung Moon*

Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 

Publication Date : 2009.07.08