Cumulative gain in organic solar cells by using multiple optical nanopatterns

Soo Won Heo, Le Hac Huong Thu, Takuo Tanaka, Itaru Osaka, Kazuo Takimiya, and Keisuke Tajima* 

Journal of Materials Chemistry A  

Publication Date : 2017.04.19


Effects of Inserting Thiophene as a π-Bridge on the Properties of Naphthalene Diimide-alt-Fused Thiophene Copolymers

Jing Yang, Bo Xiao, Soo Won Heo, Keisuke Tajima*, Fan Chen, and Erjun Zhou* 

ACS Applied Materials and Interface 

Publication Date : 2017.11.30


Haptacyclic Carbazole-Based Ladder-Type Nonfullerene Acceptor with Side-Chain Optimization for Efficient Organic Photovoltaics

Yu-Tang Hsiao, Chia-Hua Li, Shao-Ling Chang, Soo Won Heo, Keisuke Tajima, Yen-Ju Cheng*, and Chain-Shu Hsu* 

ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 

Publication Date : 2017.11.10


Improved performance of flexible polymer light emitting diodes with an indium-zinc-tin-oxide transparent anode by controlling the thermal treatment temperature

Soo Won Heo, Eui Jin Lee, Yong Woon Han, Yo Seb Lee, Won Jae Lee, Sung-Hoon Choa, Young Sung Kim, and Doo Kyung Moon* 

Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 

Publication Date : 2017.03.25