Enhanced photoelectrochemical properties of ordered branched CdTe nanotubes arrays with near-ideal antireflection

Donghyun Kim, Dasol Jeong, Woohyeon Jo, Min-Kyu Son, Soo Won Heo, Wei Cheng, Jonathan Koonce, Syed Mubeen, Hyunjung Kim**, and Hyunsung Jung*

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 

Publication Date : 2023.10.20


Low‐Temperature Prepared ZnO Layer with Electron Beam Annealing Process for Enhancing the Environmental, Thermal, and Operational Stability of Organic Photovoltaics

In Pyo Park, Bu Kyeong Hwang, and Soo Won Heo*

Solar RRL 

Publication Date : 2023.04.25


Threshold voltage tuning of IGZTO thin-film transistors deposited by RF sputtering for highresolution flexible displays using deep ultraviolet light

In Pyo Park, Bu Kyeong Hwang, Bo Ram Lee, Pung Keun Song*, and
Soo Won Heo* 

Journal of Materials Chemistry C 

Publication Date : 2023.05.24